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About me.

“Make something wonderful and put it out there”

– Steve Jobs, 2007.

Jakub Staniszewski standing next to #FigmaInLondon 2022 banner
A digital designer with a passion for creating beautiful, functional and intuitive user experiences, putting thought and care into every last detail. I come from a Graphic Design degree but have focused on UI and UX design. I've also been a self-taught developer since 2018. Primarily learning and working within the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem, I have gained a professional understanding of JavaScript, Typescript & React. Additionally, I have strong grasps of popular frameworks/libraries such as, Next.js TailwindCSS, SCSS, Electron, Express, and many more. Recently, I've been learning Rust and Apple's Swift (+ SwiftUI).
At my core, I'm a problem solver. I love to learn and I love to create. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

Outside of design

When I'm not in Figma or Visual Studio Code, I enjoy working on my car, buying tools I definitely do not need but absolutely want or spinning something up in the kitchen. I'm a massive foodie and love trying new recipes and techniques. I also enjoy a nice tea, preferably loose leaf. I'm a bit of a tea snob.

Future Ambitions

If the opportunity arose, I would love to work in San Francisco for a few years. It's the heart of the tech industry and I would love to give it a go and see the culture in-person.
Later on, I aim of starting my own studio later down the line, delivering beautifully crafted bespoke websites and applications to clients who want to be ahead of the game. I've also had a few ideas for some SaaS products that I'd like to develop and release in the future.
See you at my funding round. 👋

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