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This website is designed and developed by Jakub Staniszewski in London, England.


You may have seen a placeholder website present early 2022 on this domain, this was replaced with the current version of the website but was hosted on GitHub pages and used zero libraries. You may visit it here. Note the header text which changes weight depending on the y-position of the user's cursor, that was awesome.

Design and Typography

It is designed in Figma. The website uses two typefaces, Inter and Libre Baskerville.


My logo (the hat and beanie) was designed by Maria Vidal. It was designed on Procreate and then vectorised in Adobe Illustrator.

Brand Colour

The orange you see on my website is my personal brand colour, Citrine. It came about when I was finishing university and needed to create my very first portfolio. As part of it, I wanted to create a little branding for myself. The orange is taken from an orange beanie that I wear frequently. The colour was subsequently used on my business cards and other branding materials using GF Smith Colorplan Citrine. The hex Citrine, #FFA50A is based on that paper, with a few adjustments to make it more suited for screens.


The website was developed in Visual Studio Code, with Next.js, React and TypeScript. The written content is authored in Markdoc with frontmatter (metadata) being stored in YAML. The source code is available on GitHub.


It is currently hosted on Vercel.

Bugs, errors, oopsies and typos.

If you notice any of the above in my website, please report them at the website's GitHub repository. If you do not have a GitHub account or do not wish to use GitHub for any reason, please email me at with steps on how to reproduce it.


Last edited on 17/11/2022.