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Interface Design


Keeping the world together, one screw at a time.

The app is a conceptual AR scanner for screws (think PlantApp but for screws). It allows you to scan a screw, find out various information about it (such as drive, lengths), what it's used for and links to buy it. It's primary target markets are DIYers and tradespeople.
The brief for this project was to explore the magnificence within the mundane. The idea of screws was birthed with my love for DIY. I love to create, both physically and digitally. I can't quite remember how I decided to look into screws specifically, but I remember it stemmed from my DIY hobby and times when I've been working on my car and came across bolts and screws with drives I've never seen before (Thanks Volkswagen).


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The last image is a poster of different screw drives I came across during my research for this project. I thought a poster of all the different drives would be a great addition to any workshop/garage so I made this one. There are still a few rare drives missing, but I'll add them in soon and distribute the poster as a PDF.

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First published on 04/02/2023.